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As part of your internship, you have been asked by program managers to complete an intake assessment about Cynthia.

(Cynthia is a 30 year old female who suffers from alcohol addiction. Cynthia graduated high school and only obtained an associates degree, but never pursued her degree any further. Cynthia has little work experience and struggles to stay permanently in her jobs. Cynthia is a single mother and has two kids; a 13 year old daughter and 9 year old son, both from the same father. Since Cynthia does not have a stable job, she and her kids live with her mother, who is currently helping raise her children. Cynthia has struggled with alcohol addiction since she was 17, the age when she met her children’s father. The father is no longer in the picture because he was verbally and physically abusive towards Cynthia so she left him. Cynthia’s sobriety has been off and on since the age of 17. The longest Cynthia has remained sober was 4 years, but relapsed after breaking up with her boyfriend who was toxic towards her. Cynthia went into a sober living facility shortly after for 2 weeks, believing it helped her, but relapsed weeks later. Cynthia is currently in jail due to a third DUI charge. Cynthia states she loves her kids and is willing to obtain the help and treatment she desperately needs.)

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on what you have learned from the questions asked during the intake assessment.

For your presentation, you should:

· Describe the inmate or offender with an alcohol or substance abuse disorder who is seeking treatment at your correctional facility (e.g., prison, jail, parole, probation, or diversion).

· Describe this inmate or offender’s life experience through their initiation of substance use, prior treatment, and any periods of sobriety.

· Describe and analyze at least 2 models of substance abuse prevention, intervention, and/or rehabilitation that could be used in the delivery of support services for this client.

· Outline the treatment strategies you are proposing for the inmate or offender.

· Identify 2 treatment goals you will work on with the inmate or offender.