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You are working to develop a prospective prevention program in your community to address a current social issue. For this assignment, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation to discuss your prospective prevention program with possible funders/supporters.

In a PowerPoint presentation, not including the title and reference slides, select a local problem you see occurring in your community. Please note that you will be including speaker notes as if you are giving the presentation in person as well as the slides when you submit this assignment.

After you have identified the social issue and the demographics related to your community,

Consider the following in preparation for your presentation:

Select a model to approach the problem.

What are the steps you would take to create a program to address this need?

  1. Who are the community leaders you need to work with to propose a solution from either internally in an established program or externally within the community?
  2. Include the following in your presentation:
  3. A title and reference slide

The selected model to approach the problem

How you would conduct a needs assessment.

  1. Map out the capacity of the potential program
  2. Create a timeline/phases for roll-out
  3. How the program would be evaluated.
  4. Use at least three scholarly references to support your analysis
  5. Include speaker notes as if you are giving the presentation in person