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Essay 1, Comprehensive Essay

The first essay should include AT LEAST THREE pertinent vocabulary terms from the semester, references to AT LEAST THREE primary source texts (including the novels, handouts, and essays in the RTTP game book, and AT LEAST THREE different voices/perspectives in Western Civilization, which could be novel characters/protagonists or authors of primary source essays (Montesquieu, John the Savage, etc.). 

Prepare an argument/thesis concerning technology’s influence on individuals, society, and literature in Western Civilization from 1600 C.E. to present.

Prepare an argument/thesis concerning community forming, conflict, and identity in Western Civilization from 1600 C.E. to present, with “community” broadly defined to encompass families, ideological movements, governments, nations, and/or empires. 

Essay 2, Comprehensive Essay 

The second essay, Compose an expository essay based on ONE of the two quotes below (selected from the four on the assessed essay rubric sheet under General Resources). Your argument (thesis statement) should reflect critical thinking in how you interpret the quote and apply it to the course material. Provide examples that are comprehensive, that is they come from texts read throughout the entire semester and include reference to material in the textbook, works of literature, and other supplemental writings covered in the class. Use effective topic sentences to maintain organization and tie your main points of support back to your thesis statement. Analyze, connect, and show (do not summarize).

Tolstoy: “All great literature is one of two stories; a “man” goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.”

Plato: “Poets and story-tellers are guilty of making the gravest misstatements when they tell us that wicked men are often happy, and the good miserable; and that injustice is profitable when undetected, but that justice is a man’s own loss and another’s gain.”