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In response to the national public health crisis caused by gun violence, should gun manufactures and importers of firearms be required to pay an additional tax dedicated to offset societal medical and health care costs?

In other words, should “enterprise liability” be a valid ethical and legal approach in holding the gun industry liable for the increase in health care costs for gun victims including society as a whole? Enterprise liability is a legal doctrine under which individual entities can be held jointly liable for some action based on being part of a shared enterprise.

Identify, describe, and apply three applicable Universal Values of Ethical Decision-Making to this situation and explain why they apply.

Identify, describe, and apply one ethical decision-making model to this situation to objectively justify your answer. Be specific, ensure you fully identify the model’s framework steps, analyze each individual step, address both sides of the issue, and come to an objective conclusion.

Ensure you completely address and answer all the above discussion requirements and include a copy of the question in your response.