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Integrated Marketing Communications MMKT #2780 Quarter Project Objective: To strategize, create, and prepare an Integrated Marketing Communications campaign plan. All aspects of the campaign should be developed and delivered in a creative and professional manner that works together to achieve the promotional goals and objectives. Process: The class will function as a boutique-marketing agency. The instructor will serve as the President/CEO and students will take the role of members of the marketing team for the agency. Teams (three members) will brainstorm and choose a brand to prepare and pitch an integrated marketing campaign (IMC) in order to win the potential client’s business. The team must work together to successfully achieve the client’s unique marketing objectives and present meaningful key performance indicators (KPI) to measure the campaign’s success. The team’s strategic platform will need to exemplify a seamless presentation of each marketing component, including advertising, social media, public relations, etc., vs. a “patchwork” of individual efforts, to create a professional integrated marketing campaign. Team Charter & Possible Roles and Responsibilities A team charter outlining each member’s role and responsibilities and commitment to team goals will be prepared and given to the instructor week two. The details of the charter should be discussed, agreed upon and signed by all team members. The instructor will review the team charter at end of quarter to assist in determining individual contributions (and grades) if necessary. • At any given time, a member of the team can be fired with the CEO’s permission. This can be due to lack of commitment, failure to follow through on assignments, missing presentations, and/or any other agreed upon responsibility in the charter. Structure: The integrated marketing communication (IMC) effort will incorporate the key elements of the promotion mix (advertising, publicity, social media, sales promotion, special event, visual display, and a campaign budget). This is a quarter-long team project and the effort given should be relevant, creative, strategic, engaging, comprehensive, and complete. Integrated Marketing Communications Final Project 2022 1 At given intervals throughout the quarter, each team will have “pitch – touch point” presentations/meetings to give updates on the work in progress with the CEO (instructor) and other members of the agency (students in the class). Following each “pitch”, the remainder of the agency will give their input, offer well thought-out critiques, and brainstorm any additional creative suggestions, as we are all committed to the success of each team in our agency. Per the above, in the eLearning class, each student will give three thoughtful and actionable bullet points for each pitch. At the end of the quarter, each team will give a final presentation “pitch” to the client in order to win their business for the agency. You will present a comprehensive campaign to the client and agency that will be impressive, relevant, clear, concise, and compelling. The project is broken down into three project phases or Pitch/Presentations: For each pitch presentation, you will build a PPT deck to be given to the CEO and eventually the client. • Pitch Presentation 1: Strategic Platform • Pitch Presentation 2: Creative Communications & PR Strategy • Final Campaign Pitch Presentation: The Total IMC Campaign Presentation to the client Note: Keep in mind that you are the marketing agency, not the brand! Using the professional third person will help in keeping that consistent. Integrated Marketing Communications Project Overview & Outline Pitch Presentation 1- Strategic Platform (200 Points) Please note due date on syllabus Include: I. Company Overview: 1. Brief history of the company to convince the potential client you understand the brand’s DNA 2. Analysis of their current business challenges and opportunities 3. Preparation: Use the library resources, including Hoovers, Mintel, WWD, and NYT, read the company press releases, along with other online and business research to learn key insights regarding their standing within their business channel. 4. Note: This section requires DEEP research! II. Situational Analysis: A. Target Market Analysis 1. Research the current target market for this brand 2. Following the research analysis of the current customer, identifying any additional potential target segment 3. For both the current and potential target market segment please include the following information: Integrated Marketing Communications Final Project 2022 2 a. Use applicable demographic data, but more importantly analyze their psychographic and behavioral data and lifestyle activities Note: Do not rely solely on Neilson PRIZM b. Create 2 to 3 profiles (primary, secondary, and maybe tertiary) c. Provide key insights into their behavior or attitudes and think specifically of how they now use or will use your particular product/product category • Insights can include – who are their friends? What do they talk about? Who do they trust? What do they value? What other brands do they use? What are their aspirations? What motivates them? B. Complete a SWOT analysis: 1. Create a SWOT analysis profile from the above information outlining the strengths and weakness (internal) and opportunities and threats (external) for the brand 2. From this profile develop and bullet point the actionable insights Note: You need to specifically address how your plan will correct any prior business mistakes and begin to rebuild their customer relationships. Prepare the SWOT analysis with this in mind. C. Specific Communication and Promotional Objectives 1. Setting the objective(s)* should be done following the above research analysis. This will allow achievable goals or objectives to be set for the campaign based upon the Target Market and SWOT Analysis and should be actionable *Objectives are individual, achievable outcomes – not tactics or justifications. Simply and clearly state what the client wants to achieve via this campaign. Objectives are the concrete deliverables and are spelled out in the PPT lecture. D. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Measurements 1. KPIs are the hard data (measurable value) that tell us whether we are achieving our campaign objectives and goals Note: With each clear objective, state how its success or failure will be measured. “A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives.” 2. While we will not have actual data, what should the campaign be able to affect? Examples might include increase in sales, consumer likes, conversion rates of customers in stores, conversion rates online, etc. E. Positioning Strategy and Statement 1. What position within the competitive marketplace will this campaign support for the brand? 2. Who are the competitors and on what criteria do they compete? Integrated Marketing Communications Final Project 2022 3 3. Create a positioning statement that your brand will need to adopt in order to successfully compete in the marketplace. Follow this format: To_____ (target market), ________ (brand) is the _____ (category) ____ that provides _______ (key benefit). Pitch Presentation 2- Creative Communications & PR Strategy (350 Points) Please note due date on syllabus III. Creative Brief Based on the Overview and Situational Analysis you are now ready to craft the creative brief, which will set the road map for your entire promotional plan. To be included: A. Client (brand you have selected) B. Project: Integrated Marketing Communication campaign for XYZ C. Objective: What is the purpose and goals of the campaign? (Why is the company spending the money on a campaign? What do they want to achieve?) Note: These are GOALS not TACTICS! Objectives are specific and measurable (increase sales, for example) What the campaign should make the audience think, feel, or do? D. Target customer segments and key consumer insights E. Message Theme: 1. What’s the single most important thing to communicate in this campaign? Typically, this is a key consumer benefit. F. Image of Campaign: 1. What image will the campaign communicate? (Luxury? Inclusivity?) 2. How will it be unique and different from the competition? Be creative and strategic. G. Supports: 1. What are the supporting rational and emotional reasons to believe and buy? H. Campaign Elements: 1. What pieces will be developed /what media will be used in your campaign? (Six elements – at least two are traditional media) You just need to list the 6 elements that you have decided to develop for the campaign. I. Constraints or Mandatories: 1. Your checklist for each piece of promotional materials. (URL, Social Media icons, copyright info, etc.) J. Budget Proposal (tentative placeholder) – specifics to be provided in final pitch to client IV. Message Strategy: Integrated Marketing Communications Final Project 2022 4 Develop and describe in detail the strategy/theme and tone of voice to be used throughout the campaign. What is the key consumer insight? A. What is the selling premise? 1. How will it build relationships with the target customer? 2. What does your campaign offer provide that is valued, unique & different? 3. Will the message be rational or emotional? Why? 4. How will it reflect the brand personality, voice and positioning? 5. Why is this strategy the most effective, authentic way to reach and engage your target? B. Message Strategy: Almost every message strategy includes a Cognitive, Affective & Conative approach. List them in the order of importance in your message strategy and briefly explain 1. Appeals: What appeal (s) are you going to use? Briefly explain how/why. (Emotional, sex, music, rational, etc.) 2. Message theme from Creative Brief: If you have a tagline or slogan, put it here. 3. Means-End Chain: The campaign will contain a Means (a message) that leads to a desired end state – linked to a personal value. In the Means-End Chain box, list: ▪ The product’s attributes ▪ Consumer benefits ▪ Which end states (or personal values) does the means link to? ▪ Refer to the PPT for examples 4. Executional Framework: how your ad appeal be presented, and message strategy conveyed and why you have chosen a particular executional framework. ▪ Animation ▪ Slice-of-Life ▪ Storytelling ▪ Testimonial ▪ Authoritative ▪ Demonstration ▪ Fantasy ▪ Informative ▪ Spokesperson ▪ NOW: In a sentence, state what the message is that you will be communicating. You might not say it in so many words — but what is the message you will send in all your campaign elements? The message is the benefit to the consumer. For example, Dove’s message is based on their view that beauty should be “a source of confidence, not anxiety.” They take this message and communicate via different slogans, copy, and taglines. These include: o Beauty is for everyone o Real beauty from Real Care. o The secret of beautiful hair. Integrated Marketing Communications Final Project 2022 5 o Nourished hair. Beautiful hair. o Moisture is the key to beautiful skin. o Let’s change beauty. V. Create a visual Campaign Style Guide to follow in the execution of all your creative. Must include design elements, including: • Logo • Fonts • Slogan • Colors • Graphics or photography style VI. Media/Promotion Mix Strategy Concept, create, and design the marketing communications pieces that will generate interest with the target customer. Note: You can use images from the web, but all copy must be original. All these elements need to work together to communicate the strategic message of the campaign. Based on your analysis and strategy, select the combination of traditional and new media that will effectively communicate your message and creative vision. A mix of 6 elements from a variety of all media options is required: A. Tradition Elements (at least 2 required): 1. Magazine or newspaper advertisement 2. A direct mail piece (i.e. catalog, postcard, invitation} 3. Develop a 30- or 60-second radio or TV commercial (Script and/or story board and timed correctly) 4. Billboard or other form of outdoor advertising. B. Digital and “New Media” Interactive Strategies: For any online marketing efforts, you will need to have a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy in place. Remember, you are marketing to Google along with your target customers! Provide your campaign name and 10 terms or phrases your target audience could use to search your product. Pick your language and suggested geographic markets you’d like to reach. 1. Create the website landing page or interstitial for your new campaign 2. Design the appropriate social platforms using at least two of the following, and include at least three posts each: • Facebook • Instagram • Twitter Integrated Marketing Communications Final Project 2022 6 3. 4. 5. 6. • Snap • Pinterest • YouTube channel • Tik Tok Create an email-marketing campaign that reflects the desired image and value proposition. Use this to tell a story and build a relationship. Web Advertising: Compose an online banner advertisement, a text-based search ad or a display ad for a website, blog or Facebook page. Content Marketing: Develop a company sponsored blog or newsletter. Include a list of titles and develop one into a full blog post. Titles and copy must include strategic keywords for “search-ability.” Create an interactive mobile marketing campaign. Pitch/Presentation 3: Final Presentation to Client (285 Points) Please note due date on syllabus The FINAL Presentation is your pitch to the client to win their business for the agency. Your presentation will be a PPT slide pitch that capsulizes the Integrated Marketing Campaign your team is proposing. VIII. Campaign Overview: A. PROBLEM: Overview Campaign Strategy B. TACTICS: Action plan on how to implement the strategic solution 1. What are the key concept ideas that the team is proposing? 2. How will you be implementing these concepts? 3. What is the timeline for the campaign? When does it start and how long will the strategy be in place? 4. Show examples of Creative Execution, Public Relations, and Experiential Marketing 5. What is the proposed estimated budget to apply the campaign? Note: This campaign overview will include, for the client’s benefit, a brief presentation of creative brief, strategy, style guide, message strategy, promotional mix including PR angle. You will not present every details from pitches 1 and 2 – rather an overview that will give them a good overview of the campaign, its elements, look-and-feel, etc. Then, include these new elements: IX. Experiential Marketing Strategy: Design an event to launch your campaign that will bring the brand major visibility and directly reach your target customers with an idea that concerns/is relevant to them. The integrated event strategy Integrated Marketing Communications Final Project 2022 7 can include sponsorships, CSR, parties, personal appearances, GWP, contests or ….?. It can be a national or an all store/regional strategy. Use your imagination and be creative, keeping your target customer in mind. It must contain at least 8 elements such as catering plans, gift bag, special guests, décor, entertainment, media sponsor or charity component, etc. with specific experiential details and descriptions that can be easily visualized. X. Visual Presentation Strategy: This strategy should be used to showcase product either instore, pop-ups or tradeshow displays as a major element of your experiential event design. It must contain at least 5 elements with specific details and descriptions of a window, entrance or interior retail display with specific signing or focal point. These promotional elements, theme, colors, props, etc. should reflect the creative message and campaign strategy developed in Pitch Two. Actual art and design is welcome. SUMMARY: Recap/review of next steps and contact information Separately, you will submit your campaign media kit (50 points) XI. Publicity: Create a PR Strategy of HOW, WHERE and WHY you will use this kit See separate PPTs on How to Create a Media Kit and How to Write a Press Release Media/Press Kit: Create a press kit that is consistent with your concept and theme. The kit should be imaginative: this is the first impression the media will have of your concept, and it contains the tools to obtain editorial coverage. Components of Press Kit: A. Media Kit Folder includes: B. News Release: Write a correctly formatted press release (minimum one full page) including the elements learned in class (title, subtitle, dateline, quote, contact information, boilerplate, etc.) The news is the launch of the new campaign. C. Fact Sheet / overview on the campaign: utilizing at-a-glance correct format. D. Photographs: Include two images that you would like to press to feature. E. Press List: List must include 8 legitimate and appropriate media organizations with publication name, contact name and title, email address, and telephone number. ▪ Note: The press list is media contacts, i.e., journalists, editors, and prominent bloggers. They are not advertising salespeople. For example, if your brand is a jewelry company, then your press list will focus on accessories editors. • Show the press kit graphically in the PPT and upload the docs separately in WORD. • Note: I need to be able to read the press release. Oral Presentation for ZOOM and live classes: Integrated Marketing Communications Final Project 2022 8 You cannot win the business without a great presentation! • Presentations should concisely state your knowledge of the brand/customers and why yours is the most effective campaign strategy or tactic. • Discuss the effectiveness of the campaign and why it was developed. • Present in an orderly and logical order. • PowerPoint Presentations: o Use strong relevant visuals designed around your brand identity. o Each slide should be professional and reader friendly • Language o Use correct usage of terms learned in the classroom o Everything must be carefully edited and proofed • Note: o All material needs to be well written, free from grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors See review rubrics carefully to confirm all details PROJECT ELEMENT EXAMPLES: SWOT ANALYSIS Here is an example that shows possible strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats: IMC Message Strategy Chart / Outline Integrated Marketing Communications Final Project 2022 9 Integrated Marketing Communications Final Project 2022 10