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Assignment Context and Scenario:

You have been recruited as a junior Strategic Planning Manager by a large enterprise (with at least 250 employees) of your choice. Your line manager has asked you to produce an environmental analysis and a strategic growth management plan based on the use of recognized internal and external analytical tools considering the company objectives of growth and expansions. 

You are required to devise a strategic plan based on the use of recognised internal and external analytical tools considering the company objectives of growth and expansions. Successful completion of the environmental analysis will help your line manager develop sufficient knowledge and understanding of strategy to make a positive, efficient and effective contribution to the development of business plans and operational direction in the chosen enterprise.

What you must do

LO1 Analyse the impact and influence that the macro environment has on an organisation and its business strategies.

You are required to write a brief profile of your chosen organisation including mission, vision and objectives.  You should then apply appropriate frameworks to analyse the macro environment.  You may also critically analyse the macro environment to determine and inform strategic management decisions in your chosen organisation. 

LO2 Assess an organisation’s internal environment and capabilities.

Like the external environment, an organisation’s internal environment can determine its success or failure.  Using appropriate frameworks conduct an internal environment and capabilities of your chosen organisation.  You should interpret information and data to assess strengths and weaknesses of your organisation’s internal capabilities, structure and skill set.

LO3 Apply the outcomes of an analysis, using an appropriate strategic management tool, in 

a given market sector 

Your line manager wants you to determine appropriate management tools to analyse a given market sector for the organisation and inform its strategy. You are required to devise appropriate strategic objectives, based on the outcomes of analysis for your organisation to inform its strategy. It is important to justify the use of an appropriate strategic management tool for a given market sector, to inform strategy and strategic objectives for your organisation. 

LO4 Develop a strategic management plan in an organisation, informed by models, theories and concepts, to achieve competitive advantage in a given market sector. 

You are required to apply appropriate models, concepts or theories to interpret and devise strategic planning for your organisation. Your line manager would like you to design a strategic management plan, applying appropriate strategies to improve the organisation’s competitive edge and market position based on the outcomes of the strategic management plan. He wants you to produce a strategic management plan that has tangible and tactical strategic priorities and objectives. 

To demonstrate your mastery of the strategic management plan, you are required to create a set of valid strategic directions, objectives and tactical actions for successfully achieving strategic alignment by your organisation, based on critical interpretation of internal and external data, and information.