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Learning Outcomes 1.1 Describe the concept of operations functions, supply chain strategy, process selection, forecasting, capacity planning, production forecast methods and schedule operations. 2.3 Implement technological tools in production models like forecasting, lean manufacturing and world class manufacturing (WCM) to enhance the productivity and communication with other persons involving in operation and also to review their contribution to the profit. CREATIVE THINKING ASSIGNMENT ON SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Supply Chain Management (SCM) refers to the technique of handling a string of operations involved in the transportation of raw materials from the source to an enterprise to develop a desired product or service, which will eventually be delivered to its intended customer. A properly functioning supply chain is crucial to the development and growth of any country. It gives countries a competitive edge over others in the marketplace. Supply chain management is aimed at cutting down costs, maximizing efficiency, and increasing productivity. To strike a fruitful balance between supply and demand, supply chain management must join hands with technology to improve supply chain processes and provide solutions to eliminate existing supply chain constraints. To keep in view the above importance of Supply chain answer the following questions. Q1. What are the Major Challenges in Supply Chain Management today? How Can you Overcome them? 2.5 Marks (400 wordsMinimum) Q2. Define the role of E-logistics in supply chain operations. 2.5 Marks (400 wordsMinimum) Q3. Explain the role of technology in Supply chain Management with special focus on Block chain technology. 2.5 Marks (400 wordsMinimum) Q4. Assume yourself as an advisor of Supply chain discipline, suggest ways and means through which supply chain efficiency can be improved? 2.5 Marks (400 words Minimum) Note: At least three references are required.