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A comprehensive paper of 6-8 pages that addresses the following: (1) identify


one major environmental issue developed due to human activities and describe their potential


short-term and long-term impacts on ecosystem and human health. (2) Explain how human


activities contributed to this environmental problem and suggest prevention and /or mitigation


strategies. If there are any prevention measures that could have been adapted to the situation you


may come up with those strategies. If you do not see any prevention mechanisms on the issues


identified by you, then suggest measures of mitigation. You must use the textbook as a reference


and at least five peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Limit your paper to not more than eight pages


of word-processed, 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced text, (not including


references, tables, and figures). Do not use more than three Tables or Figures. Your paper


includes Title, Author (student name), Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusions, References,


Appendices.All facts, data, and opinions that are not your own must be acknowledged in your paper by


properly citing the source. You should not use informal blogs, newsletters, or any source without


reasonable support in research or established fact. Other acceptable sources include regular


internet sources, such as government agency, professional organizations, or company websites.


You should submit word documents Be mindful of formatting. Your font changed quite a bit throughout the outline (particularly for your references).


Your references need to be in Chicago format. I will attach an example for you.


Remember to reference your class textbook on the final paper: Dearden and Mitchell (2016, or 2020 edition).